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Class Information


Our main ballet year is divided into four quarters of nine weeks each, followed by an optional 9-week summer session. Tuition is due the first class of each term. New students starting mid-term may pay the single-class fee for the appropriate number of classes.

Tuition Due Dates - 2019 - 2020

Quarter 1 Begins August 26, 2019
Quarter 2 Begins October 28, 2019
Quarter 3 Begins January 13, 2020
Quarter 4 Begins March 23, 2020

Policy Regarding Invoices

No invoices are sent. If a payment is not received, you will be contacted and an additional late fee charge of $25 will be added to the tuition. If you need to make two smaller payments for the quarter, please contact the studio.

No Refunds

Because our teachers' salaries depend on an element of constancy in attendance, there are no refunds for tuition once classes have begun; however, in the rare case of injury, we are most happy to grant a credit toward future classes.

Missed Classes

Missed classes may be made up by attending a comparable level class. Classes must be made up within the quarter they are missed. It is not necessary to notify the teachers ahead of time.


Observations are welcome, but please ask permission from the teacher. With young children at the beginning of the year, a teacher may request no observations so that the class may develop better focus and cohesion.